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Product Description

HYDROCLEAN'S HT-400 SUPER CONCENTRATE EXCESS MORTAR REMOVER as the name implies is a concentrated blend of ionic and nonionic acids that has been formulated to remove the heaviest build up of mortar smears and construction dirt from new masonry. It can be used with a spray application and high pressure water rinse or with a brush application and a water hose rinse. HT-400 is suitable for removing excess mortar from brick, concrete block, granite, sandstone and slate. It may not be suitable for certain polished brick or polished granites. It is a different formulation than our HT-455 EXCESS MORTAR REMOVER and should not be used the same as HT-455. Please review the application instructions outlined below and always perform test samples. HT-400, used as directed, is a safe product for cleaning new masonry.

How To Use Product

It is important to protect all adjacent metal and painted surfaces while performing any cleaning operation with HT-400 SUPER CONCENTRATE EXCESS MORTAR REMOVER. Always perform a test patch cleaning area (minimum 5 ft by 5 ft area )to determine the proper dilution of HT-400 and any reactivity with adjacent substrates. Allow the test area to thoroughly dry and observe the cleaning results.

Dilutions: For most brick, granite and concrete surfaces, HT-400 can be cut with 6 to 8 parts water. For glazed brick, granite or concrete you should cut HT-400 with 8 to 12 parts water. Testing will determine the proper dilution. Also see the data sheet on our HT-455 EXCESS MORTAR REMOVER.

Application: Thoroughly prewet the surface prior to the application of HT-400. This product can be applied by brush or low pressure spray (50 psi). If agitation is necessary, use a mason's brush or a piece of brick.. After 3 to 5 minutes, rinse using a clean brush and water or a hose. Production can be increased by using a high pressure wash of 500 to 1800 psi @ 4 to 5 g.p.m. Make sure that the stone is thoroughly rinsed. If necessary, repeat the entire procedure. Keep any wall areas wet under the area currently being cleaned. Do Not allow HT-400 to dry on the surface of the substrate being cleaned or there may be a chance of streaking. If streaking does occur, contact your local Hydroclean distributor.


Do Not use this product on brick with metallic oxides or on elevations with colored mortar. HYDROCLEAN'S HT-455 EXCESS MORTAR REMOVER is more appropriate for these applications. Protect all shrubs and other foliage. Use extreme caution to keep away from limestone or marble substrates.


HYDROCLEAN'S HT-400 SUPER CONCENTRATE EXCESS MORTAR REMOVER is an industrial strength cleaner that contains hydrochloric acid. It is sold for use by professional applicators only. Use rubber gloves and safety glasses. Be aware of wind drift and the protection of pedestrians and others on the jobsite. In case of contact with skin, flush thoroughly with clear water. In case of eye contact, flush with water, then with a mild eye rinse containing sodium bicarbonate.


This product is completely biodegradable creating an effluent which will break down rapidly when washed into the soil. If the product is inadvertently sprayed on vegetation, it should be rinsed off immediately.

Effect On Other Materials

HT-400 will not harm glass and special masking is not required. While it probably will not damage sound paint, a small patch test on any surface with which the product is likely to come in contact is recommended. Protect all adjacent limestone and marble surfaces. Normal precautions should be taken to prevent the product from being sprayed directly on painted or other surfaces not being cleaned. However, all adjacent metal surfaces and vegetation must be protected. Because HYDROCLEAN'S HT-400 SUPER CONCENTRATE EXCESS MORTAR REMOVER will clean other types of materials, adjacent areas which are not to be cleaned should be protected to prevent "clean spots".

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