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Product Description

HYDROCLEAN'S HT-716 HEAVY DUTY PAINT REMOVER is a biodegradable, non-flammable, alkaline gel specially formulated dissolve and emulsify heavy carbonaceous soil build-ups and hydrolytically lift multiple coats of paint with one application. When removing heavy carbonaceous soil buildups from natural stone or masonry, the emulsifiers and wetting agents are highly effective in safely breaking down the carbon.

As a paint remover, HYDROCLEAN'S HT-716 HEAVY DUTY PAINT REMOVER exhibits unique properties. Unlike most strippers, this product slowly digests many coats of paint and will keep working long after others have quit. For paint removal, the usual reaction time for 2-4 coats of paint is 30-60 minutes. When 6-10 coats of paint are involved, the product's dwell time can be longer and it should be agitated periodically to increase the reaction rate.

The high viscosity of this product allows application to vertical and overhead surfaces. It has also been used successfully as a precleaner on buildings that have a heavy build-up of carbon based contaminants.

How To Use Product

Thoroughly mix HT-716 prior to application.

To Apply: Brush or roll onto surface at a coverage not to exceed 100 ft/gal.

Let Stand:
1. For removal of 6-10 coats of paint: 1-6 hours with periodic rubbing to increase reaction rate.
2. For heavy soil removal from natural stone or masonry: 30-60 minutes. If necessary, HT-716 can be left on the surface for 8 hours.
3. If spraying, spray away from yourself.

To Remove: Thoroughly rinse with low pressure water to decrease splattering of the effluent. Then high pressure rinse (1500 PSI @ 5 GPM) to blast off loosened and emulsified soils and hydrolytically cracked paint. Rinsing effectiveness can be increased by the use of hot water.

If using HYDROCLEAN'S HT-716 HEAVY DUTY PAINT REMOVER to remove graffiti, an appropriate cleaner for the particular substrate may be necessary as a follow up to prevent "ghosting".

When HYDROCLEAN'S HT-716 is used as a precleaner to remove heavy carbon accumulations from stone, after rinsing the HT-716, the stone must be cleaned with the cleaner appropriate to that type of stone.

After paint stripping, the building should be neutralized with a mild acidic cleaner. Check with your Hydroclean Representative.

To determine both the safety to the base material and the activity towards the unwanted coating, it is recommended that a small patch test be run. For coatings not successfully removed by HYDROCLEAN'S HT-716 HEAVY DUTY PAINT REMOVER, see data sheets for HYDROCLEAN'S HT-350 EPOXY and URETHANE PAINT REMOVER and HYDROCLEAN'S HT-300 SOLVENT PAINT REMOVER.

Normal safety precautions should be taken to prevent the effluent or the product from being sprayed on vehicles or persons near the work site. Even when only using water, care must be exercised not to overspray on pedestrians or vehicles.


This is an industrial strength alkaline cleaner and therefore the use of rubber gloves and face shields is mandatory. If the product does contact the skin, flush with plenty of water and apply a mild solution of household vinegar to the area immediately. If the product contacts the eyes, flush immediately with water and follow with a mild eye rinse containing boric acid. Both emergency solutions should be on any building cleaning jobsite.
A. If brushing, brush away from yourself.
B. If rolling, roll very slowly.
C. If spraying, spray away from yourself.


This product is completely biodegradable. The effluent, if washed into the soil will break down rapidly. If this product is inadvertently sprayed on bushes, trees, or plants it should be rinsed off. Rinsing with water will prevent permanent damage to plants, trees, or bushes. Check Federal EPA and Local Regulations on disposal requirements for paint effluent.

Other Applications

HYDROCLEAN'S HT-716 HEAVY DUTY PAINT REMOVER may be used for tar removal, the removal of char build up in kitchen equipment and the removal of char from buildings after a fire.
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